"SAILING WITH PAUL IN THE MEDITERRANEAN TOUR" organized by Tutku Tours and the Biblical Archaeological Society. JUNE 1-15, 2012

"SAILING WITH PAUL IN THE MEDITERRANEAN TOUR" organized by Tutku Tours and the Biblical Archaeological Society.

"The journey from California to Turkey crosses so many miles and so many years. I awoke this morning to gaze upon the beautiful blue waters of Bodrum harbor and the 2400 year-old Greek temple on the hillside. After lunch, the lovely and graceful Sadri Usta motored our diverse group of 12 interesting people to the former port city of Knidos. Here we wandered among the ruins gazing upon the protected harbor below us and conjured up images of the beautiful statue of Aphrodite who kept watch over her community. A beutiful beginning for the adventure."


"Every time I arrive in Turkey, I always have the sense that I am, in a way, coming home. But no matter how many times I visit, there are always new surprises and experiences. There are very few places in the world where one can see a beautifully preserved temple dedicated to Zeus just off the side of the highway. Bodrum is delightful with its beautiful Crusader castle (part museum, part botanical garden complete with peacocks!), charming white buildings, and chic nightclubs. It’s easy to see why it is a magnet for vibrant people from all over the world."


"I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for an absolutely
stunning trip. It was beyond expectations, so well organised and no additional charges! I met extraordinary people whom I hope will be lifelong
friends. I enjoyed the sites, the Gulet, the teachings, the excellent hotels.
I will no doubt promote you as a tour operator, and if all goes well, be on one of your tours again in the future."


"Azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea amaze me. To cross the same
waters as Paul did is a spiritual thrill. On land, just as thrilling.
The whole day was one I will never forget! A water taxi to the ruins.
A vigorous hike to near the top, many ruins to see, and a wild ride over
‘crashing waves’ back to the Gulet with a ‘fish dinner’ to remember."


Fantastic and infirmative trip! The ship and crew were fantastic. The meals and accommodationswere second to none."


 Damla Oral
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines