Date       : 327 AD
Built by    : Mother of Emperor Konstantin, Helena
Architect : Unknown

According to inscrition plate written in Karaman language dated 1833 on the gate,
it was built in the name of Haghia Helena in 327. One of the earlier Anatolian churches
the Haghia Helena's inscriptions also show that there were many repairs done over the
year: in 1833, 1878 and the last one in 1880.

Haghia Helena church was build using rubble stone and tuff of Sille region and in the closed Greek cross plan. The iner localities, the vaults and dome of the church is decorated with frescoes containing the illustrations of Jesus, Virgin Mary and apostles. Inside the church There is a wooden rostrum and a cage which are decorated with stucco that separates apses from the main premise.

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