If I am flying with the group, can I upgrade my ticket or confirm specific seats on my flights?

It is possible to upgrade to extra legroom seats, but only if such seats are available at the time of after ticketing. The cost for upgrading a seat depends on the particular seat selected and will be provided at the time of booking.

Turkish Airlines:

Until further notice, Turkish Airlines economy class advance seat selection can be purchased with a fee. Therefore, we are unable to reserve seats for the group participants from the ticketing department.

Kindly inform us which seat(s) the individual participant would like to purchase during the registration process. Participants listed separately from the group can proceed with purchasing their preferred seats after the group ticketing process is finalized. Following that, we will provide these participants with their ticket or Record locator number, allowing them to access their reservation and directly purchase their preferred seat(s) through the Turkish Airlines website.

For Business Class passengers, seating reservations can be made free of charge immediately after the ticketing process is completed.

The current costs for seats on Turkish Airlines international flights are as follows:

  • Exit page_row seat: $119.00 each way
  • Regular seat: $39.00 each way.

Please be aware that Turkish Airlines reserves the right to modify prices and availability without prior notice. Purchased seats are nonrefundable. If you decide to cancel or change your travel dates, new seat purchases will be necessary. Refunds for seat payments are only possible in cases where Turkish Airlines initiates a schedule change or cancels a flight.

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