Timeline for Paul’s Journeys
Mark R. Fairchild, PhD 
***There are few time anchors to date when Paul arrived at the destinations mentioned in Acts.
***The following times are largely speculative guesses regarding the length of the apostle’s journeys and the amount oftime spent in each of the locations. For the sake of the chronology, I will assume that Paul spent one month in most of thecities that he visited according to Acts. It does not appear likely that a church could be established in these places in lesstime. Acts mentioned longer visits at some cities, such as Corinth and Ephesus. One must bear in mind that Paul and hiscompanions also spent time in other cities and towns not mentioned in Acts. Luke may have omitted those sites from hisnarrative because the visits were more brief or because the villagers were unresponsive to the Gospel. These visits mayhave been as short as a week or less. One must also factor in the time taken to travel the distances to each city. Onemight assume 15 miles per day over level ground, but perhaps half that in the mountains. Journeys on the seas by shipwere faster, averaging 60 miles per day, depending upon the winds.
Antioch - 1 year
First Mission
Approximately Two or Two and a Half Years – Minimum 1580 Miles
Salamis x 1 month,
Paphos x 1 month,
Perga x 1 month,
Psidian Antioch x 2 months,
Iconium x 2 months – “long time” Acts 14:3,
Lystra x 1 month,
Derbe x 1 month
***On the journey returning from Derbe to Lystra, Iconium, Pisidian Antioch and Atallia probably would havebeen shorter visits, perhaps two weeks in each city.
Antioch - 9 months – “long time” 14:28
Second Mission
Around Four Years – Minimum 3050 Miles
Regions of Syria & Cilicia x 1 month,
Derbe x 1 month,
Lystra x 1 month,
Region of Galatia x 2 months,
Region of Phrygia x 2 months,
Asia & Bithynia x 3 months (attempts to go)
Region of Mysia x 1 month,
Troas x 1 month, 
Samothrace x brief,
Neapolis x 1 month,
Philippi x 2 months - “some days”– 16:12,
Amphipolis x 2 weeks,
Apollonia x 2 weeks,
Thessalonica x 1 month,
Berea x 1 month,
Athens x 1 month,
Corinthx 18 months – 18:11
Antioch - 6 months – “having spent some time” 18:23
Third Mission
Around Five Years – Minimum – 3300 Miles
Region of Galatia x 3 months,
Region of Phrygia x 3 months,
Ephesus x 2 ½ years – 19:8-10,
Region of Macedonia x 2 months,
Region of Greece x 3 months - 20:3,
Troas x 1 week – 20:6,
Assos - Briefly,
Samos - Briefly,
Miletus - Briefly
Imprisoned at Jerusalem and Caesarea - 2 years
Journey to Rome
Sidon x few days,
Myra x few days,
Knidos x few days,
Crete x 2 weeks “considerable time” - 27:9,
Malta x 3 months 28:11,
Sicily x 4 days - 28:12-13,
Puteoli x 1 week – 28:14,
Romex 2 years – 28:30
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