TUTKU TOURS - HOME STAYS: Listen to them!

"I really enjoyed the homestay, because I felt like we really were immersed in the Turkish Culture for the first time and the home cooked meals were delicious. (cok nefis !) It was my favorite part of the trip ! I always feel that by experiencing something first hand you learn more and I was really able to get a feel what everyday life is like for these families by living with them. Sevda was so welcoming and hospitable as was Sema."
Teagan Bohn

"Hanging out with Damla's group of friends to experience the casual atmosphere and getting to know her grandparents, the older generation. I also enjoyed trying the homecooked meals."
Amanda Alexander

"I guess what I learned the most is that you can not assume things about what your experience will be like. You have to be willing to have an open mind to the culture, relationship interactions and food. I had a lovely time at Sema's. She was such a fun yet kind woman who made my time there feel like I was at home. Her hospitality was greatly appreciated !"
Rochelle Book

 Damla Oral
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