TUTKU TOURS Annual Company Dinner with the participation of Westmont College students.

What the students said about HOME DINNERS?

Sema and Yagmur,
We had a wonderful time staying with you both! The food you prepared was amazing, and I certainly enjoyed talking with you after dinner. Thank you so much for being so open - both in your conversation and in your home. We will miss you!
Hannah Ross

What the students said about HOME DINNERS?

Coming to your home, i felt very loved and happy again. You can be my Turkish parents! I will never forget you two and I hope that one day if I come to Izmir again, Can will take me to a Besiktas game and Damla can go shopping with me :)

Thanks so much for hosting us ! I so much appreciated your honesty + discussing politics last night. I hope you're well +safe this year.Thanks again for welcoming us into your home ! KRISTABEL
Thank you so much for having us in your home.I liked the lovely food and the openness in conversation. We will not forget your generosity ! LAUREN

 Damla Oral
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